Atwood - 'Broken Spokes'

One of five acoustic ballads off of multi-instrumentalist Xavi Ramirez aka Atwood's latest EP.


Boyos - 'Explorigator'

Usually when I see an album wearing the "alternative" tag, I shy away for fear of screechy post-grunge bombardment. But the mysterious Boyos makes music more in line with Caribou or Panda Bear, building psychedelic compositions from muted electroacoustic aesthetics. Their debut LP Petals is now available as a free download on Bandcamp.

Dream Sick - 'Caravel'

"All my dreams just sit in one place, like an old folks' home that's run out of space." Dream Sick is great at that offhand pathos that Modest Mouse cultivated on their best records. If you miss the Mouse when they were good and also appreciate a healthy dose of gritty, lo-fi guitar noise, Dream Sick ought to be right up your alley.

Digital Leather - 'Modulated/Simulated'

Burblings in the blogosphere suggest that there'll be a new Digital Leather album out next month. While we're looking forward to that, here's one from the vaults. It sounds a bit like someone dipped The Smiths in a thick, staticky digital goo.



Run Boy Run - 'Waterbound'

Polished and thoroughly charming bluegrass from an old-timey Tucson quintet.

Worn Path - The Age of Fear

Add this chillwave artist to your collection of acts that use ASCII triangles in place of the letter A. Trend-hopping aside, The Age of Fear boasts some pretty interesting textures and progressions. Stream it after the jump.

Sleep Driver - Sleep Driver EP

Short-form instrumental prog-rock. Smeared with space glints. Name your price. After the jump.


Hacienda Del Sol Soul R & B and BBQ



The "Coolers" Tucson Premier Soul and Rhythm and Blues band has a playlist that includes the hits and  the interestingly obscure to  keep you partying on the dance floor all night long.  More horns then you can handle!

Start your night with some great BBQ and cocktails - beginning at 6PM, then work it off on the dance floor! The music starts at 7PM

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 18:00 to 22:00

Naim Amor - Sanguine

Put a Parisian musician in Tuscon, Arizona. Let him record an LP in the dry desert air. You might just get something amazing. In the case of Naim Amor, you'll get a collection of classic French pop infused with tones of red desert noir. It's thickly atmospheric and captivating stuff, the perfect and unlikely hybrid of two very different sonic worlds. The album, entitled Sanguine, is available as a $7 download. Preview the whole thing below.



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